Workshop Project 3

48HOUR Film Competition reflection and a comparative look at the process of 48 and the creation of Infinite Style.

Expectations of the 48HOUR Weekend:

  • I will feel very tired at the end of the weekend.
  • There will always be a feeling of being slightly rushed.
  • Everything will be a big collaboration.
  • There will be something comedic about our film.


  • I didn’t feel too tired, I managed to get six to eight hours sleep both nights.
  • We didn’t feel too rushed until the last six hours of the competition where our edit disappeared and we had to do pickups and the sound was going  crazy.
  • I will talk about the collaborative process below…
  • Our film was not funny at all. This was refreshing while we were watching the heats. Our film was nearly the only one that didn’t involve comedy.

Team Name: Blue and The Rockets

Personal Role: Cinematographer

Film Name: The Game of Solitaire

Genre: Non-Dialogue


In comparison to making my Infinite Style video where I was very much the director, the predominant cinematographer and the editor, the 48HOUR film competition requires the entire production of the film to be a big team collaboration. The team I was in had the potential to create an amazing film and I think we got really close. We originally came into the team with specific role delegation. I was the Cinematographer,  we had two girls who were being the Director/Editor duo, we had another member solely on music and sound, and then one more who was producing. I tried really hard to stay in my cinematography role, and I think I achieved this. I gave ideas and thoughts while writing our script, I would offer shot ideas but I knew that I was supposed to do the shots that the directors wanted. This is what is hard about a competition like this; you think you are doing what’s right by sticking to your role but then you have to be really fluid and flexible and help everyone out in any way you can. It would have been nice if we had all managed to perform primarily in our delegated roles as I think the workload would have been spread more evenly within the group.


One thing we were told over and over again in preparation was to test out equipment and editing software. This is something that unfortunately we did not do. We ended up having serious sound issues, camera lens issues and major editing issues to the point where we lost our entire edit at 2pm on the Sunday of the competition. With Infinite Style I didn’t have to worry about sound at all because of over dubbing the song. I did come across some issues when certain clips and videos got lost so couldn’t be a part of the overall video. Due to having no time restraint in making Infinite Style, I was able to fine-tune my edit for as long as I liked without compromising perfection.


Story is the most important part in filmmaking, you may have heaps of fancy equipment but if your story isn’t up to much then your film is in trouble. For my group, with a non-dialogue film, we ended up not even writing a script. We outlined the story and what the shots were but we were missing a script. Through not having the full film written down on paper we didn’t notice that our film had a few narrative problems and our character arc wasn’t very great. In comparison to making my Infinite Style video, I didn’t have a script but we did have the Gangnam Style music video where we based all our moves off, and I edited the video in a chronological order so that the video progressed as our trip progressed.

The end result with our 48HOUR film The Game of Solitaire was that we had a fantastic looking film with an interesting and open storyline which left a lot if the interpretation up to the audience. Our film was reviewed well by three other participants and ‘Steelpotato’ had something very nice to say, “The most beautiful film of night one out in Wellington, and in my book they absolutely nailed their genre” (Steelpotato, 48HOUR Review Site). I was happy with our end product, as I’m naturally more inclined to making something look awesome on screen no matter what the story is doing.

The main difference between making our 48 film and making Infinite Style is the group collaboration process. It is probably better to create films in a group because the workload is spread evenly, more ideas can be generated and people can specialize in specific roles. However, when you have the freedom of time, and no one else to rely on you have the ability, if technically capable, to create the type of film/video that you have been dreaming of. I was able to spend time perfectly synching the film clips with the song beats and this resulted in a finely tuned dance video documenting our journey to Worlds and back. Next year when I compete in the 48HOUR Film Competition I will test gear and equipement at least twice before the weekend, I will try make sure that -whichever team I am in- we will stick as much as we can to specific roles, and I will ensure we get a full script written down to show the narrative progression of the film.

Word count: 908


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