Fun times at home with a rat.

Mobile film making at it’s finest.

Note, this is not part of an assignment. It is just something I thought would be valuable to document and think about.

We knew there was a rat behind the oven so this was the moment we would set our cat Tiger onto it. My Mum said ‘this seems like something that should be filmed’ so I jumped onto that thought, got my Iphone4 and begun recording. An extremely funny, traumatising event that ended up being 15 minutes of footage all up. As the whole fiasco was over and the rat had been dealt to (not on camera because I didn’t want to film that) we started watching the videos in playback. This was almost equally as funny as the actual event itself. It became clear that it would be awesome if we had a shorter version of this that we can watch again and again and laugh more and more.

I connected my Iphone to my laptop, uploaded the videos and imported them into iMovie. Taking about 5 minutes to cut down the video -still to a pretty long 5-ish minute clip- and adjusting sound levels so that the viewer could hear some of the dialogue from both Mark and Shania when they were speaking from inside other rooms of the house, i had created our short video documenting our encounter with ‘The Rat’ (that is the title of my video, very creative)

I uploaded it to youtube and then posted it on my Facebook page, tagging my Mum and Sister in the link so that it appeared on their home page.

My mum, who is a very big tweeter on twitter had already tweeted about our freakout but now tweeted a new tweet saying “Of course the mass female rat freak out episode was captured on the iPhone! Thanks @AnnaLRobinson” She then had the link to the video on youtube.

Her tweet would have reached all 700 or so followers that she has. I then retweeted it to my measly 100 or so followers.

I posted the video on to my tumblr blog for the 80something people who follow me to view if they please. On tumblr I also attached hashtags. This is a way of categorising posts, photos and videos into groups to be searched up. If anyone decides they want to search the Hashtag #rat then my video will be in the lists that the category provides.

I uploaded the video to Facebook and it has had 8 likes in the last 38 minutes, my mum has shared it on her facebook and my aunty and a family friend has posted a comment.

rat image copy

I assume that tomorrow I might get some more likes, it’s 11pm now and the movie is almost 5 minutes long so people probably cant be bothered watching it.

It was never my intention for this to be a ‘viral video’ or one that gets heaps of hits and I’m really just amazed at how fast mobile film-making is. In the space of an hour a spontaneous event occurred with which i filmed, edited and uploaded it to social media. Due to the length of the video I assume that it won’t be THAT popular, however family members and perhaps my younger sisters friends will find it hilarious because they know us as people and it is funny seeing us in this situation.

I just got an email from youtube saying that I have a new subscriber, since this is my 1st and only video on my youtube account this must mean this new subscriber found me through viewing my Rat video… Were they just searching videos with the word Rat in them and then found mine? Enjoyed it enough to want to see more videos by me? That is a little bit strange.

I hope there are no rats hiding in my room…


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